Research from the Furniture industry Research Association suggests that every ten years the characteristics of a bed deteriorate by 70% and therefore should be changed within this time to ensure that you get the comfort for that perfect night’s sleep. Considering we spend a third of our life in our beds it is essential that you purchase a bed that is comfortable and stylish. Follow Just Beds Online shopping tips to make the purchase of your bed as streamline as possible.

Finding the right size bed:

There are two factors you need to consider whilst choosing a bed size.

  1. The room you have available: Measure up leaving ample room for bedside tables and any other furniture, there is nothing worse than being restricted getting into and out of bed in the mornings.
  2. The size of the people who are occupying the bed: For taller or larger occupants it is suggested that you go for a larger bed if possible. Otherwise you will find your feet hanging off the end

Choosing a Bed for your needs:

There are thousands of styles of beds dependant on whether you are looking for a bed for the spare room with a smaller budget or the centrepiece of your bedroom where comfort and style are of upmost importance. Buying numerous beds can be expensive especially in a larger household. In order to be cost effective adjust your budget so that beds that are regularly used have the most focus and beds in spare rooms have a smaller focus. Use Just Beds Online categories to find the perfect bed for each room