When it comes to finding a bed for a small room it is a common perception that your choices are limited in terms of style, size and functionality. Just Beds Online gives you options to increase your scope of choice with benefits for each one.

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman Beds maximise your floor space by giving you additional storage space. This is perfect for guest bedrooms or smaller children’s rooms where storage functionality is essential.

Sit and Sleep

Sit and sleep beds are perfect for the smaller bedrooms of teenagers/older children who need a living/study space.

Divans with drawers

Divan Beds with drawer functionality increase storage ability within the room however may not be suitable as they need additional floor space for the drawers to open.

Round Beds

Round Beds are perfect for rooms which have awkward floor/wall space restrictions. At the height of their style these beds are the epiphany of style.

For more information on finding a bed for small or awkward spaces contact Just beds online the leading bed supplier in Sheffield and surrounding areas.