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There are several important choices to make when choosing the size of your mattress/bed in order to get the maximum comfort. More commonly, consumers only choose between single and double beds which can be perfect for the guest room but for continuous use in your bedroom you must take into consideration some other factors.


Factors you must consider whilst choosing a bed/mattress


  • Space: Choosing a bed that will fit comfortably in your room.

You must make sure that the bed/mattress you choose fits comfortably in your room and that it Gives you enough room to manoeuvre without tripping.


  • Mattress Width:

You should be able to comfortably able to put both your hands underneath your head without touching the mattress edge or your partner.


  • Mattress Length:

Your mattress should be at least 10cms longer than the tallest person sleeping on it.

You should also be aware of the different size mattresses for example a European single is 10cm longer than a UK single bed. If you are thinking of buying a bed from a European store such as IKEA you will need to purchase a European size mattress for optimum comfort.

If you are buying a mattress for your existing bed we recommend that you measure the internal structure of the bed. Buying a mattress which does not fit correctly will encourage it to slip and reduce comfort levels.


The Different Mattress Sizes:



70 x 140cm

Toddler sized mattresses are perfect for that transition period between cot and bed. Smaller in length and width than the single sized bed they make the transition from crib to bed less daunting. These beds are usually adopted at approximately 1 years old and last until your child is approximately three. These mattresses are often soiled due to potty training, Just Beds Online recommends using a mattress protector and regularly turning the mattress to increase longevity and keep the mattress dry, fresh and dust free.

2’6 Small Single

75 x 190cm

Smaller in width than the standard 3’0 single mattress this mattress is recommended as a guest bed or a bed for smaller children. It fits smaller children’s beds or guest bed frames and is perfect for rooms with a lack of space.


3’0 Single

90 x 190cm

The UK standard single mattress is perfect for those who sleep on their own or for a child. This is a longer term solution to your child’s mattress needs as this will last your child as they grow into their teenage years. These are also a solution for larger spare rooms or guest bedrooms.

90 x 200cm

Longer than the UK standard by 10cm the longer bedframes are usually purchased in European stores such as IKEA. Find out which single bed mattress size you need by measuring the internal lengths of the bedframe.

4’0 Small double

120 x 190cm

Perfect for the solo adult sleepers who love plenty of space or the cuddling couple who do not mind sleeping close to one another. This bed also is the perfect solution for couples who have space constraints.


4’6 Double

135 x 190cm

This double mattress is the most popular choice found in bedrooms throughout the UK this mattress gives couples enough room to ensure that you both get an undisturbed night’s sleep.


5’0 King

150 x 200cm

The king mattress is known in the US as a “queen size” and in Japan as a “wide double.” The width of this mattress allows each person to move positions, turn and wriggle without disturbing the other partner. Should you be taller than 6ft 2 we recommend a king size bed for the length.


6’0 Super King

180 x 200cm

The biggest standard bed and mattress size. This bed gives you approximately 90cms for each person allowing for movement and stretching. This super king oozes luxury, why not combine this with a memory foam mattress to compliment it.


Custom size mattresses

At Just Beds Online we have the ability to make a mattress to fit any bed, choose its shape, comfort grade and spring or foam. Call us today on 0114383 0789 where we can create a tailor made bed and mattress of your choice.

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Mattress Size Guide

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