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When you first open your mattress Just Beds Online recommends that you air your mattress for as long as possible, as a minimum 4 hours should suffice. This will remove any odour from manufacturing and storage processes. A lot like new car interior this odour will disperse after a short while. You must also allow the mattress filling to settle, this can be done whilst it is in use however you will probably notice that the feel of your mattress will change after a few days.

Adding a mattress protector will keep your mattress in optimum condition and increase the longevity of the mattress by protecting it from dirt, dust and spills. By investing in a mattress protector you are able to wash away any dirt, spillages and dust whilst keeping your mattress clean and fresh. Having a mattress protector is essential when you have pets, regular visitors or even run a hotel or accommodation establishment where hygiene is of upmost importance.

Mattress toppers are a great way to increase the comfort and support of a mattress. Make firmer mattresses softer or softer mattresses firmer without changing the level of support given by your existing mattress. Mattress toppers are a removable layer of material that will reduce the wear on the bed.

Regular Mattress Care:

Pocket and Open spring mattresses need to be turned on a regular basis to avoid compression and dips caused by body weight. Regularly turning and rotating your mattress will increase the life span of the mattress and keep its comfort level. To check if your mattress needs to be turned the easiest way is to locate the handles on both sides of the mattress. When turning you must also rotate the mattress so that the foot end is located at the head of the bed.

Memory Foam and latex mattresses do not need to be turned however should be rotated regularly by 180 degrees so that the foot end is located at the head end.

At Just Beds Online we recommend vacuuming your mattress surface every month. This will keep your mattress hygienic and fresh.

Mattress Storage:

Should you ever need to store your mattress you should never fold it. This will damage the interior structure of the mattress and reduce the support and comfort. It should never be stored in damp conditions and should be wrapped as suggested by the manufacturer.

Just Beds Online recommends reading the manufacturers instruction’s for the care of your mattress. This will usually come with cleaning, storage and care tips.

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Mattress Care

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