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Ever wondered how to choose a mattress to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep? Just Beds Online simplifies all the technical jargon and makes choosing the right mattress for your base or bedstead an easy choice.


So, what’s the difference between the three spring and foam mattress choices Just Beds Online offers?


        • Coil sprung mattresses:cross section of coil sprung mattresses
        • Coil sprung mattresses are one of the value mattress choices which have been in production for numerous years. As a value mattress they offer a cost effective solution and come in a variety of comfort levels from orthopaedic to softer models. They are machine stitched rather than hand stitched and are implemented with a border wire/rod which gives the mattress a firm edge and helps it retain its shape. These mattresses are often the choice for spare and guest rooms. Benefits: Price Range of comfort grade options


    • Pocket Spring mattresses
    • Pocket spring mattresses are more luxurious, they are created using smaller springs which are housed in smaller fabric pockets. These springs work independently and provide support and comfort to you and your partner. Often hand stitched they are structurally strong with strong firm edges that support your body without transferring the weight to another part of the bed. Benefits: Springs work individually giving both you and your partner your own support and ensures that you do not roll towards each other in the night.

Cross Section of a Pocket sprung mattress


    • Memory Foam Mattresses
    • The ultimate mattress for luxury, this mattress moulds and remoulds to your body’s contours as you move and your body heat softens it. This technology was originally developed by NASA is particularly beneficial for spinal injuries and back problems as its moulding surface maintains your spine in perfect alignment and supports and enables natural movement within your sleep. Benefits: Hypo-Allergenic Maintains correct posture and aligns spine horizontally 

memory foam mattress

For more information on buying mattresses please contact us on 0114 383 0789 where one of our mattress experts will answer any queries.

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